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Brand Overview

Ceiling Speaker Brand Overview We are often asked for information on one of the brands that we sell, here is a round up of the ceiling speakers that we offer.

Ceiling Speakers and In-wall Buying Guide

Ceiling Speakers and In-wall Buying Guide

Ceiling speaker sales across the world increase year on year and it's easy to see why. Due to design developments in recent years ceiling speakers finally sound good enough to satisfy those who care about audio quality, and are also a great solution for customers who don't want to give up the space on their floor to traditional speakers. Our buying guide will look at the things you should consider when choosing your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. [Shop for ceiling speakers.] [Shop for in-wall speakers.] 

How To Fit Ceiling Speakers

How To Fit Ceiling Speakers

Fitting ceiling speakers into your ceiling is a relatively simple task with some forward planning and the correct tools. Installed speakers look fantastic, save space, can sound great and are very sophisticated. 

How to run cables around your home

When installing ceiling speaker systems, multi room audio and distributed HDMI solutions some cables need to be installed within your home if these haven't already been installed by a previous owner or builder. 

Here we will cover some basic practices and techniques for installing cables within your home. We are personally AV installers and have extensive knowledge of installation of ceiling speakers and associated custom install products. 

How to: Sonos Multi Room Audio System

How to: Sonos Multi Room Audio System
Creating an integrated Multi-room audio system with Sonos, our guide with hints and tips plus your questions answered.

In-wall and Ceiling Speakers Placement Guide

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for in-wall, on-wall, or ceiling speakers is where you're going to place them. How you place your speakers depends on how you're going to listen to them, as well as what your room's architecture allows. Whether you're installing them in your current home or pre-wiring a home that's under construction or being renovated, the guidelines below can help you get a speaker setup that sounds good and works with the build and design of your room.

After you've determined what type of speakers you'll need and how many, check out our article on choosing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.You'll find helpful tips as well as key factors to consider when deciding between different speaker features and models.

Which cables to install and why

Modern homes with integrated video and audio systems require the correct cables installing to make present and possible future systems easy to setup and use.

When renovating a property and planning your cabling installation as a minimum we recommend a speaker cable and a CAT5e to each zone from a central point where your equipment will be permanently setup, such as an AV rack or cupboard. Some people house these areas in their garage or centrally in an inside cupboard, we have even seen them under the stairs. Choose an accessible area where all your AV cabling can run back to.